Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society Presents

2019/2020 Season

It's important to Making Treaty 7 to provide opportunity for all groups to join us for our productions and events. For our inaugural season at our new home, The GRAND, we have the following special ticket pricing available:

* Student/Artist Tickets $20 (Student Criteria: Please provide Valid Student ID or other documentation)

* Industry Professionals. This is for our not-for-profit colleagues who work in Calgary’s Theatre community. $30

* Low Income Individuals $15 (Criteria: Must Provide Sufficient Documentation)

* Our Relations: First Nations, Métis and Inuit Communities $20

2019/2020 Season


October 10 - 18, 2019

509 is a powerful story that weaves the personal experiences of MT7 Artistic Director Justin Many Fingers with a Blackfoot story told to him as a child. The Blackfoot believe that after     death, our spirits go to the sacred hills where the living and spirit world meet. There, Napi (the Blackfoot trickster), guides you to the other side, accompanied by the spirit of the buffalo herd.

In a single, life-changing moment, lead character Garret finds himself in this middle place

– in limbo between the spirit world and the life he has known. With the stars and midnight blue sky on one side of Highway 509, and sunshine colors of the morning on the other, Garret remembers the story his grandfather told him as a young child and wonders if Napi is coming to take him to the other side.


January 23 - 25, 2020

In the heart of America, the language of the bodies follows a tortuous path. In a performance midway between dance and theatre, two Indigenous artist from Mexico, of Nahua and Mixteco descent, share with us their quest for identity by drawing on their cultures and the history of their ancestors. They present scenes of their metamorphoses through time, revealing the upheavals and constantly driven by the hope of finding themselves.

Old Man: The Napi Project

February 15 - March 7, 2020

Zach Running Coyote has been named the Artist in Residence for Old Man: The Napi Project. The project will explore the Trickster stories based on elder stories.

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