Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society Presents


February 26th and 27th, 2019

Southern Alberta

Jubilee Auditorium

2019 Season opening event


Tuesday, February 26th, Wednesday February 27th, 2019

Okotoks tells the story of Holy Bear Woman, a young Blackfoot girl who survived the Baker massacre in 1870. It will leave you breathless with awe at her resilience, proof of which is seen in the fact that her bloodline has survived. Justin Many Fingers is one of her many descendants. Take a journey with him as he tells this epic story of his grandmother through his art form.

See Video of Okotoks Here

Cast and Crew

Justin Many Fingers


Mii-Sum-In-Iskum (Long Time Buffalo Rock) Is a founding member and the new Artistic Director of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society. His Canadian name is Justin Many Fingers, and is a Queer, Indigenous, disabled, and MAD artist from the Kanawa Blackfoot Reserve in Southern Alberta. Justin is a international artist who studied in performing arts. He has worked with the Artists and companies from Australia, Thailand, Nunavut, Japan, Greenland, United States of America, and Mexico. Justin is a graduate of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, three-year acting conservatory. He also studied at the Soulpepper Actors Academy and their 2012 season. Justin has studied in both western and indigenous performing art forms for five and a half years through out Canada. The Elders he has learned from and work with are Narcisse Blood, Alvine Mountainhorse, Beverly Hungry Wolf, and Raymond Many Bears.

Stephanie Brave Rock

Elder Mother

Stephanie Brave Rock (Natoyi Ksitikii’aakii) Holy Beaver Woman, is a traditional knowledge keeper of the Kainai tribe which is part of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Stephanie has been involved in many contemporary and modern ways of singing. For the past 30 years Stephanie considered herself a professional in the music industry. She has been successful in small productions and helping in many industries involving her singing abilities. Stephanie enjoys being utilized and being recognized for her singing talents Stephanie would also like to leave her audience and the future generations with a sense of pride of who we are as Blackfoot people. She is also a proud mother of two beautiful children. 

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