Promoting healing by transferring Indigenous knowledge and culture through the arts.


You can only change bit by bit. You are not going to change from day to night.

ISTOTSI - The Land We Live On

Istotsi is a Blackfoot concept that means “to acquire ability in, become experienced or practiced at”. Over the last year, MT7 has developed and series of workshops and other programs that immerse young artists into our Indigenous-led creation model.  While COVID cancelled our plans to do a live performance of the resulting artistic creations, we do have some cool plans ahead on how to share these amazing performances. Our mission was to wake up the stories of the land here is what we call  Mohkinstsis, or Wincheesh-pah, or Kootsisaw, or Calgary.  Stay tuned

Treaty 7 Artist of the Month

Making Treaty 7 loves to amplify the amazing Indigenous artists that live and work in Treaty 7 territory.  Each month we feature a different Indigenous artist on our social media and our website. This year, thanks to the support of the Calgary Arts Development – Original People’s Investment Program, not only does each artist receive an honorarium for their time, but we will be holding our annual gallery exhibit that will feature of all this year’s artists in June of 2022 to celebrate Indigenous History Month. If you are interested in being AOTM, or want to nominate someone, click here

So That You Know - Educational Tools

Education is at the heart of what we do. We believe that there can be no reconciliation until the truth is understood, and there is still a lot of truth yet to be told.  Only with understanding the truth, can healing begin.  Through our varied programs, we have generated a wide variety of educational videos and performance pieces that either depict historical events and situations, or show representations  inspired by the knowledge that was passed down to our individual artists. A selection of these are currently available upon request, with more being added all the time. 

Indigenous Led, Settler Supported

Since its inception, Making Treaty 7 has always been Indigenous-led and settler-supported. We strive to focus on lifting and nurturing Indigenous artists and voices. Our board has representation from all of the Treaty 7 communities, along with non-Indigenous allies who are dedicated to making a difference. Our hiring practices prioritize Indigenous-first, and we are open to training and mentoring young people and emerging artists for future leadership roles. If you are interested in working with us as a creator, performer, technician, designer, stage manager, artist, or administrator, reach out.  

Remembering the Past - Our History

Making Treaty 7 tells the story of that historic agreement, and investigates the results and implications 141 years later. The purpose of Making Treaty 7 is to produce an event, of both local and international interest, with the potential to act as a transformational agent for people of all ages and backgrounds. Inspired by the founding event of modern Southern Alberta, Making Treaty 7 invites Calgarians, and all Canadians, to consider an enlightened, sustainable future – for all of us.

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