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Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society

Beginning with the artists that first came together in 2012 to create the first powerful iterations of the MT7 shows, the most common word to describe the experience of Making Treaty 7, has been transformative.

Some of the original Indigenous artists had lost touch with the traditional ways of their peoples. All of the learning, the ceremony, the protocols and prayers brought them back into a place where they could feel proud of their heritage, and immerse themselves further into the teachings of their elders.

The settler and newcomer artists that have participated in our projects have been deeply changed by the Indigenous culture and knowledge they have received. Each and every one of them speaks of Making Treaty 7 as one, if not the most, important projects they have ever worked on. 

The original mandate of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society was to bring to life the true promise of Treaty 7 using contemporary and traditional art and performance to tell inspiring stories that educate, entertain and forge relationships across cultures and generations. 

Our focus is always Indigenous-led, settler-supported, whether for our staff, our board and the artists we contract. This principle guides our mission to promote healing through the sharing of Indigenous knowledge.