Aiksiisopoo (a Chinook Blast)

Making Treaty 7 is proud to present Siksika Ceremonial Knowledge Keeper Kent Ayoungman’s tipi camp on the site traditionally known as Mohkinstsis.

On the weekends of February 19-21st and 26-28th, Kent and other storytellers will be sharing Blackfoot stories and winter traditions at the camp on the grounds outside Fort Calgary. Yes, it will be cold. Dress warmly.

Outside on the field at Fort Calgary on the weekends of February 19, 20, 21 and February 26, 27, 28 – Two tipis will be set up with a wide enclosure around them for social-distancing. There will be clearly defined places for cohort groups of less than 10 people to observe from. The tipi camp will have Storytellers to share with visitors around the circle from 12pm until 5pm each day. During that time, Storytellers will share stories about the tipis, about how they have been painted and why, and other Blackfoot winter traditions. 

KAYIHTSIPIMIOHKITOPI (Kent Ayoungman) is a member of the Siksika First Nation in Alberta. Kent has a passion for anything related to the Siksikai’tsitapiwahssinni and carries the traditional ways of the Siksikai’tsitapi. He has actualized these “gifts of knowledge” by participating actively in the Blackfoot societies and ceremonies. Kent was very fortunate to have his late grandfather Arthur Ayoungman Sr. and many other traditional teachers from the great Blackfoot Confederacy to guide and mentor him to live the Siksika way of life. Kent has applied his gifts of knowledge to the Old Sun Community College Siksika Studies Program, in the development and implementation of courses, projects and workshops. Kent is an honoured resident ceremonial knowledge keeper at Old Sun Community College.

Kent is challenging visitors to come and learn the Blackfoot phrase,  “Nitsiikohtaitaamsi Akitootsiiksoopo” or “It makes my happy in a joyful way of a return of a Chinook wind.”

Covid Alberta
Protect our story-tellers
Masks are required while near the camp
Maintain social distancing at all times
Gather only at designated listening places
No more than 9 visitors at one time at each place
Story-telling sessions will be approximately 15min