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ISTOTSI (Blackfoot) "to immerse yourself and gain experience in something, to practice and attain skill."

ISTOTSI Workshop Series - Winter 2020/2021

From November 2020, through to the end of March 2021, Making Treaty 7 hosted a series of online and COVID-regulated in-person workshops. These bi-weekly classes included Indigenous knowledge sharing from Treaty 7 Elders, along with practical workshops in storytelling, poetry, song, music, dance, movement, mask, puppetry, voice, design and theatre practice; facilitated by Making Treaty 7 Artist Alumni, and other guest artists. 

Watch the interviews & workshops featuring our MT7 Alumni Artists from Istotsi 2021 on our Facebook page:

Every MT7 show was created by artists from all cultures coming together to share, listen, and learn, and then create together. Our process is Indigenous-led, settler-supported, and it has been transformational for artists and audiences alike. With “istotsi” at the root of what we do in this project, we will always be looking at how we learn from experience. We grow an awareness of what we take away when we immerse ourselves in new artistic practices, and how we can apply new knowledge to create something truly immersive and transformational for our audiences. We want them to walk away with new knowledge in the same way we do.

The Istotsi Workshop Series brings together young and emerging artists of all backgrounds to learn various indigenous and artistic processes from MT7 Elders, Alumni and special guests. Participants will be challenged to use what they have learned in these workshops to create a short performance piece of their own by filtering the stories of the Elders through the artistic practices of their choice, to be presented at the end of the workshop process.  Istotsi participants will be asked to add their own real truths to each piece, providing authentic interpretations and a modern context of both our Treaty and our relationship to this land we call Mohkinstsis.

The Istotsi Workshop Series provides MT7 with the opportunity to recruit, train, and empower a larger roster of young, fresh, Indigenous performers, designers and creators for our stage. At the same time, we invite young and emerging artists from the settler and new comer communities to participate, learn and expand our circle of allies with interest in indigenous culture and practice.