MT7 Indigenous Playwrights' Circle

Playwrights Circle

MT7 is inviting Indigenous creators to consider participation in our first Indigenous Playwrights’ Circle.

Tara Beagan - Facilitator

Tara Beagan is a proud halfbreed of Ntlaka’pamux and Irish Canadian heritage. She served as Artistic Director of Native Earth Performing Arts (NEPA), for three years, concluding in December of 2013. She has been playwright-in-residence at Cahoots Theatre Projects, NEPA, and the National Arts Centre. She is co-director of ARTICLE 11, an Indigenous Activist Arts organization she co-founded with Andy Moro in 2013. Tara is currently Playwright In Residence at Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg. She was recently named the 2020 recipient of the Siminovitch Prize.

Angel Aubichon

Angel Aubichon is a Cree-Métis Artist from the Peepeekisis Cree Nation but has enjoyed life as an Urban Native in Mohkinsis. You can find her beading in her home studio, or packaging orders and managing the artistic direction for Indi City; which is her beloved brand that she builds alongside co-founder and life partner Alex Manitopyes. Indi City is dedicated to reclaiming Indigeneity.

Making Treaty 7 - 2020 Indigenous Playwrights' Circle

Caleigh Crow

Caleigh Crow is a queer Metis playwright and performer from Mohkinstsis. Her work tends towards themes of metaphysics, class struggle, and joy. She is currently researching the magnetosphere. 

Jace Benjamin

My name is Jace Benjamin  also known as JJ, I am from the Îyarhe Stoney Nakoda First Nation and the pronouns I use are “They/them”. I am excited to be part of the MT7 Playwright Circle and learning from different artists’ perspectives. I myself have only written a few short stories and my goal is to attend VanArts to become an actor.

Sierra Kochicum

Oki Niisto Niitaaniko Mikotsiiyoohkotok. Hello! My name is Sierra Koochicum. My pronouns are She/Her and I am Cree and Blackfoot. I trace my Cree ancestry to Peepeepkisis First Nation in Saskatchewan and my Blackfoot ancestry to Siksika First Nation in Alberta. I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta where I grew up disconnected from my Indigenous roots. Although I struggled with my cultural identity I have always found creative ways to express myself and through art and relationship building I have been able to start reclaiming my cultural identity. My intention in this playwright circle is to create a piece that shares Indigenous knowledge that has allowed me connect with my culture. I am very grateful to Making Treaty 7 for creating spaces where Indigenous artists can gather and learn together. Hiy hiy. 

Stacy Da Silva

Stacy Da Silva was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Stacy is from Saddle Lake First Nation, she started her acting career at a very young age on North of 60 and continues to pursue the many different mediums of performing. Stacy loves to pass down her teachings and has been facilitating workshops for over 20 years. She loves to free write and is grateful to be a part of this lovely circle.

Telly James

Telly James Hunt is from the Siksika Nation.  He’s been an actor/performer for 15 years.  He’s dabbled in directing and writing.  He’s looking forward to working with this beautiful group.

Tyson Night

I am Plains Cree from Saulteaux First Nations, SK. I’m an emerging artist/actor and have been passionate about writing, poetry & stage performances since I was a child. I’ve been part of the Banff Theatre Collective for the past couple years which jump started my passion for writing again and hope to continue on this journey of creating Indigenous expressions.