Educational Videos and Tools

With the support of the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund, the Making Treaty 7 Education and Outreach Committee offers access to scenes from performances of  Making Treaty 7, that illustrate specific human rights issues and abuses.

Please contact to obtain the passwords.



A modern day Treaty 7 youth speaks to internalized racism through his journey from the loss and denial to the acceptance of his culture and identity.

“MR. C”  (the late Narcisse Blood)

A Residential School survivor speaks to the degradation and racism he experienced as a child.


“CHANGE 1 & 2” (Michelle Thrush)

Change 1: Set in 1877 at Blackfoot Crossing, a young Tsuu T’ina mother speaks to her newborn about the positive changes anticipated from the making of the Treaty.

Change 2: Set today, the same woman begs for change highlighting the stereotypes and broken dreams 140 years later.

“CONTEXT 3” (Sykes Powderface & Telly James)

“MOKINSIS AND WATER”  (Pamela Tzeng, Denise Clarke & Justin Many Fingers)

“MUSICAL INTRO 1”  (Eya-Hey Nakoda)


“SILENT X”  (Cowboy Smithx)


“THE GREAT DROUGHT OF 1992” (Telly James)



“WHITE DUST” (Troy Emery Twigg & Cory Beaver)

This comedic skit explores the story of creation and the impact of contact on indigenous people’s diet and lifestyle.


“CONTEXT 1” (Cherish Violet Blood, Pamela Tzeng & Troy Emery Twigg)

“WHISKEY – CONTEXT 2” (Andy Curtis & Cherish Violet Blood)

“SIGNING THE TREATY – CONTEXT 3.5” (Garret Smith, Joel Chief Moon, Sykes Powderface & Cory Beaver)

“CONTEXT 5” (Garret Smith)

Declaration of Duncan Campbell Scott, Deputy Super-Intendant General, Department of Indian Affairs, 1920 on the intent to assimilate and subsequent impact of the Bill that enacted the Residential School System.

“EXCUSES” (Andy Curtis & Jamie Konchak)

“TO BE OR NOT TO BE” (Imagyn Cardinal & Ariel Curtis)

“ALANNA’S PIECE” (Alanna One Spot)

“NOI 1.5” (Pamela Tzeng & Joel Chief Moon)

This dance movement scene exposes the human rights violations in Residential Schools and the acknowledgment of abuses by the Government of Canada and the Church.

“NO HATE”  (Garret Smith & Kris Demeanor)

Colonel James MacLeod and Chief Crowfoot rise from the grave to look back at the true spirit and intent of Treaty 7 – what have we learned?

“CHIEFS”  (Garret Smith, Troy Emery Twigg, Imajyn Cardinal, Alanna One Spot, Sykes Powderface & Cory Beaver)

“SMALLPOX”  (Joel Chief Moon, Cory Beaver, Cherish Violet Blood, Garret Smith & Imagyn Cardinal)

The actors, with participation from the audience, bring to light the devastation and massive loss of lives caused by the smallpox epidemic that was launched on contact and led to population decimation, fear and succumbing to the Treaty.

“THE PITCH” (Kris Demeanor & Andy Curtis)

A satire on Colonel James Farqharson MacLeod and Governor, Chief Commissioner David Laird visioning the future of Western Canada and their “pitch” for treaty to the participating Nations Chiefs, highlighting divergent worldviews and cultures and the barriers to cross-cultural communication.

“THE GREAT MOTHER”  (Cherish Violet Blood, Pamela Tzeng & Jamie Konchak)

“GARRET’S PIECE”  (Garret Smith & Indica Cardinal)

A new father finds his identity by speaking to his newborn daughter about his anger and decades of oppression and racism, and finds in her inspiration for the future of his people.

“CROSSTALK”  (Sykes Powderface, Cherish Violet Blood & Troy Emery Twigg)


“LITTLE BROTHER”  (Cherish Violet Blood)

This scene set in a Residential School explores the impact of the abuses on a pair of siblings.

“CHANGE 3 – TRICKSTER” (Entire Cast)